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One of our regulars put us on to World Poetry Day, which is marked in Europe by cafes allowing poets to pay for coffee with poetry! 


We decided to combine this tradition and the U.S. tradition of April as National Poetry Month by holding a poetry contest. 


The winning poets receive a free coffee, totebag, and gift cards from ACH & Silver Unicorn Bookstore, as well as publication on our website.


We are happy to announce that Rebekah Parise, Laurie Van Loon, and Matt Phillips have won the 2023 Acton Coffee House/Silver Unicorn Bookstore Poetry Contest! As always, the competition is less important than the celebration of the art of poetry, so we sincerely thank all who participated.


Click here to read the poems.

The winning poems:

Rebekah Parise

A care guide for whoever inherits my brother's soul

Laurie Van Loon

January on the Sudbury 2015

Road Sign, Connor Pass, Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry

Matt Phillips



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