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Mexican Light/Dark Blend

A combination of Mexican coffees from Chiapas and Dean’s espresso roast selected and roasted to produce a smooth nutty flavor with bold finish



Medium roasted coffee from the Pangoa Cooperative in central Peru.



A full-bodied, complex bean from the Cordillera Central near Cauca.


Moka Java

A contemporary take on the original European blend. Medium roast of smooth syrupy beans from Java blended with fragrant, fruity beans from the home of coffee, Ethiopia.



A lively rich blend of the Breakfast and Ring of Fire beans.


A smooth and nutty blend of Guatemalan Atitlan and Mexican Chiapas coffees shade grown to protect migratory songbird habitat.


Breakfast Blend

A soft and smooth blend of Medium roasts: Honduran (hearty), Peruvian (sweet), Nicaraguan (bold and dry).


House Light/Dark Blend

A combination of South American and Timor beans with a splash of Italian Espresso Roast.


Rattlesnake Gutter Brew

Rich, balanced body, bittersweet notes, and a creamy mouthfeel.

Peruvian French Roast Decaf

Central American beans in a dark roast. Rich and aromatic, full bodied. Swiss water process.



A smooth, bold, low acid dark roast of Nicaraguan and Mexican beans.


Italian Espresso Roast

Our house dark roast. A carefully balanced mixture of El Salvadoran and Costa Rican beans.



A smooth dark roast blend from Yirgacheffe and Sidamo, Ethiopia, the home of coffee.


Ring of Fire

A dark roast of a blend of high mountain beans from the active volcanic soils of Indonesia, Timor and Papua New Guinea.


West Coast Blend

Robusta and Ethiopian beans blended and dark roasted to an acclaimed West Coast recipe.



Blend of Timor Arabica and robusta beans. High caffeine content; powerful but balanced.


Sumatran French Roast

From Indonesia, a full bodied deep brew with moderate acidity. Very darkly roasted.



A mix of Central American beans with hazelnut essence.

Coffee-of-the-day Rotation:  Ethiopian; Peruvian; Nicaraguan/Mexican; Mexican Light/Dark; Ring of Fire; Colombian; Breakfast Blend; West Coast; Moka Java; Rattlesnake Gutter Brew; Timor; Guatemalan/Mexican; Sumatran French Roast

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